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What Really Makes a Home Healthy? Auckland

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Date: 25/05/2021

What really makes a home healthy?

Tuesday 25th May 2021

4:00 PM – 7:30 PM 

Ponsonby Cruising Club Inc


This event is hosted by Metro Performance Glass

We are grateful of their support for this very important cause!

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Design Professionals are at the forefront of residential design. There is an increasing emphasis and awareness that those designs need to be healthy for people and planet. The Superhome Movement’s Healthy Home Design Guide assists design professionals by providing a comprehensive reference document for this purpose. Come and hear why & how!

4:00 pm - Event begins

7:30 pm - Event ends

There will be an opportunity to gather together for dinner at a local bar / restaurant after the event to connect with other Superhome members and ask further questions.

All Welcome. 

Please sign in with the COVID tracer app at the Ponsonby Cruising Club.

Speakers and Topics include:

    1. Kathern Leitner: The cost of substandard housing to the community and country.
    2. Damien McGill: Intro to the guide.
    3. Joseph Lyth: Importance of affordable healthy design and lessons learnt from my own healthy home.
    4. Bob Burnett: Importance of Super Design and its role in our future.
    5. Rahul Jain: All that glass. Understanding glass and glazing.
    6. Brandon Van Blerk: Why the feedback loop is so important through ongoing monitoring.
    7. Richard Hollard: The importance of airtightness and mechanical ventilation in controlling humidity.
    8. Nick Manarangi - Discussion from an interested consumer on what he understands and what still confuses him.

 Speaker Profiles:

Katheren Leitner- Chief Executive of Asthma NZ. Her message is incredibly powerful and well worth listening to. She has written the foreword to the guide.

Bob Burnett - Co-founder of the Superhome Movement and director of Bob Burnett Architecture.

Damien McGill - Editor of the Healthy Home Design Guide and director of The Healthy Home Cooperation. 

Joseph Lyth -  Registered Architect, Certified Passive House Designer & BIM Manager and proud owner of his own recently finished passive house used as a case study in the guide.

Rahul Jain - Metro Performance Glass National Technical Specialist - Architectural Glass. Rahul contributed the glass section to the guide.

Brandon van Blerk - from Tether NZ. Brandon provides monitoring solutions that provide a feedback loop to monitor whether the design actually does what it says on the tin. Brandon contributed to the Measurement, Modelling and Monitoring chapter of the guide.

Richard Hollard -  New Zealand Sales Manager at Pro Clima New Zealand Ltd. Pro Clima contributed the Airtightness, Air Quality and Ventilation chapters in the guide. 

Nick Manarangi - As a lay person, Nick has been trying to understand what is required to make a healthy home and is still somewhat confused!


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