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The Superhome Movement is an industry-led group focused on creating transformative change in the New Zealand building industry. Our goal is to raise standards so that all new homes are healthier and more energy efficient, while also promoting environmental, economic, and socially sustainable practices.

The movement provides a number of key activities centred around education and lobbying to support change in the New Zealand building industry. We provide open source sharing of new design ideas, technologies, and building techniques, connecting designers, builders, researchers, education providers, government, stakeholders, and leading experts in the industry to achieve collaboration toward higher building standards for all New Zealand homes.

To achieve our 20-year goal of seeing all new homes being built as Superhomes (Home Star 6 or higher), we need support by the public, and industry. Get involved now and help us make a real difference in raising standards for healthier, more energy efficient homes.


Supporting members are consumers, professional individuals, and anyone else who wants to support the activities of the Superhome Movement, and to get free access to newsletters, workshops, seminars, and technical details about creating Superhomes. Fee $80/yr + GST


Participants, tour partners and primary partners are companies, professionals, industry, suppliers, retailers, distributors, government bodies, or representative industry groups who promote, design, and build Superhomes. Participation is an excellent way to reach consumers who are looking for expert knowledge and skill around designing and building Superhomes.

All participants enjoy a collaborative community with open-source sharing of ideas and technologies to promote wider impact in our communities. Participants also receive high visibility in Superhome events, digital exposure on the Superhome website, and print media. For more information, contact us on