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July Tour Summary

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Date: 01/08/2019

Christchurch July 2019
Once again the recent Superhome Tours held the last weekend of July in Christchurch were incredibly popular, with thousands of residents experiencing the warmth comfort, design innovations and beauty of Superhomes built to far exceed the minimum standards of New Zealand's woefully sub-par building code. 
The nine Superhomes opened up to the public received approximately 5000 visits with the busiest homes having over 800 people through over the two days. The new format worked well and will allow for several tours at different times throughout the year in preference to one annual month-long tour as in the past three years. 
New for the first time this year we introduced 3D virtual tours, which enabled attendees to revisit the homes online or others from out of town to view the homes. We are currently working with BECA to develop virtual tours as an educational tool with important information embedded about the ideas, new technologies and techniques to create Superhomes.   Several of the homes had QR codes throughout which enabled visitors to view short videos on various elements/topics by scanning with their smartphones. 
New also to the tours this year was the free buses circulating the tour homes sponsored by Christchurch City Council and there were a few glitches and learnings to take away. One lucky winner won the draw for the free Yoogo Share EV car. 
Again the tour is made possible due to the support we receive from our participants, students and amazing sponsors, volunteering their time, energy and passion for what we do. The tours could not have been possible without each and everyone one of them.
The survey has gone out a few days ago and once closed we will collate the feedback into a report. 
We are planning the next tours in Christchurch and Auckland with dates and homes to be released in due course.
These tours play an important and unique role in creating awareness about healthy homes and providing valuable educational information for both consumers and industry that is not available by visiting the current group home builder show homes. 

We are planning the next tours with dates and homes to be released in due course. Also, keep an eye out for the forthcoming Industry Bus Tours. These are super popular full-day events with expert commentary from the Owners, Designers and Builders etc.

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