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Brittan Terrace, Lyttelton

Brittan Terrace

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Homestar Design Rating 9 VERT sml

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  • Prefab house constructed from cross laminated timber
  • (CLT) panels + steel portal frames
  • Hybrid composite floor consisting of CLT with concrete
  • topping slab to provide thermal mass
  • Recessed thermally broken window frames with high
  • performance glazing
  • Underfloor heating throughout both levels
  • Wood fibre rigid external insulation - NZ’s first wood
  • fibre insulated house
  • Breathable membrane in wall that controls vapour
  • diffusion
  • Passive & active ventilation systems
  • Energy efficient LED lighting

Using European materials and building methodologies,
this high-performance home demonstrates international
best practice. Owner and French Architect Julie Villard
says with a smile that “it’s from the future.” A tongue in
cheek poke at the fact that the New Zealand Building
Code is over twenty years behind the United Kingdom
and Europe when it comes to standards for thermal
performance. Julie is Christchurch City Council’s recently
appointed Eco Design Advisor, where she consults on a
variety of projects from new builds to home renovations
and retro fits. She provides support and free independent
advice to the public and, within the council itself for
professionals & individuals. Her main purpose is to
encourage the industry to do better, and to do better now.

Situated in Lyttleton on an extremely long, narrow
sloping section, only 10.5m wide by 50m long; the site has
direct access from the road with a breath-taking view
out to the Port Hills, the vibrant port town and harbour.

The building is a compact yet, spatially aware, modern twostory
dwelling. From the street the building presents itself as
small scale, single story, gable roofed form, where in reality,
a two-story building emerges as the site falls away. Both
gable ends are glazed to maximize the natural light and the
stunning surrounding views. Large eaves to the wing-walls
frame these views and increase privacy to the neighbouring
properties while providing protection from overheating in
the summer months.

The house is heavily prefabricated to reduce onsite
construction time. It boasts a hybrid composite floor
consisting of CLT floor panels with a concrete topping slab,
to provide thermal mass, further complimented by the
presence of underfloor heating to both levels. Prefabricated
CLT wall panels were craned onto site and insulated on the
exterior with rigid wood fibre insulation. The windows are
aluminium framed with high performance glazing, recessed
into the warm part of the wall to reduce condensation.

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