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Dwelling Architectural Design - Member since: AUGUST 2019


About us:

After 15 years in the industry, Dwelling Architectural Design began in 2012 with a desire to be more involved with clients in the whole design process, from 3D conceptual stage all the way through to contract administration, ensuring that what was designed is what gets built.

My philosophies are as follows:-

+ Design & Sustainability - Design needs to be tailored for the site, be individual, and relevant to the client. It needs to be scaled correctly, minimising wastage. Materials should be selected with consciousness of their origin and availability.

+ Thoroughness - In design and documentation. This allows the client to be certain about what they are getting and provides clarity for the contractor in pricing. 

+ Teamwork - During contract administration, I believe in working together towards a common goal. The client, contractor, designer and consultants are on the same team, together working out solutions for the benefit of the client.

+ Enjoyment - Creating and building is to be enjoyed by all parties, from the client to the sub-contractor.


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