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Borrmeister Architects Ltd - Member since: MARCH 2019

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Contact information:

Wulf Borrmeister

03 384 0946

About us:

Borrmeister Architects is an award winning Christchurch based, hands-on, design-oriented practice driven by a consistent philosophical approach rather than by a pre-determined style. Since its founding in 2005, Borrmeister Architects aim is to create specifically detailed buildings which are immediately connected to context and function, putting a high emphasis on environmental awareness not only as consideration, but as a guiding principle in everything we have done and will continue to do.

We are always committed to creating buildings which are environmentally friendly, using natural sustainable materials and focus upon being energy efficient, and sees this commitment as being one of the components of a quality building.

All of this is based upon a solid foundation of design excellence, budget and programme control and the achievement of best value and architectural quality.

As Architects and designers we believe that high quality design springs from dialogue with client, consultants, contractors and end users. This dialogue ensures that best results are achieved through a synthesis of concept, beauty and functional integration. 
The practice offers a full range of architectural services from inception to completion, covering everything from feasibility, appraisal, design, construction, documentation and planning to contract procurement and contract administration. Our extensive experience enables us to advise clients at the outset of differing site and building options within the context of planning guidelines and development control constraints.


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