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Valuation Partners - Member since: Dec 2018

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About us:

Valuation Partners was created in 2015 by three, Christchurch and Queenstown based, property valuers who decided to step aside from the status quo and join together to offer a fresh approach to Valuation Services.

The founders of Valuation Partners believed that there was room in the market for a new, dynamic, and efficient professional service provider that delivered top quality valuation reports across a wide range of property types.  A company that focused on people, not just bricks and mortar and on building partnerships, not just profit.

Specializing in providing valuation services means that the company structure and processes have been developed and optimized so that valuers can take the time to build productive relationships, and our partners and clients receive valuation advice of the highest standard, at a fair cost.

The company is structured to be flexible and adaptable to the changing property market, employing the best of modern technology to drive efficiencies, without compromising on quality.

Valuation Partners promotes a team environment which means that clients can be assured of consistent service at all times and the valuer with the greatest expertise on a particular property type can be engaged to complete the work.  

Valuation Partners are passionate about property and the valuation profession and this is matched only by what they believe they can achieve for their clients.

We start by valuing you.


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